Saturday, 29 November 2014

America It's You

Some things are too good to be true
I think maybe America that's you

you are no conspiracy, true 
just a good idea failing you 
in execution every bloody day 
on streets and in your schools

there's a war in store 
because American war 
is the thought of you
the right to bear arms 
will be the death of you
in the food aisle 

stuffed to white teeth with black bullets
bulging to the eyes with poison apple pies

drone cloud skies wide 
eyes plenty surprised
at the feeding hand raised to strike
broad shoulders down to slopes
slipping, down, punch drunk dream
hugging the ropes 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Look at this place,
look hard enough and it’s a face
full featured, staring back
to ask you why you look here

Feel out the space,
trace features with a finger
take a moment to linger
over it’s contours

Shout to hear its echo,
if you’re dumb enough to
recognize you in the waves
answering back

do not attack,
the anger that you feel
is misplaced
Stop a while to judge
your little actions
make them bigger

Don’t snigger at the back
of your 20,000 days
sniggering is a phase 
you must pass through
if you want to find the point of you

Which when all is done
is just the sum
of what you’ve given out

So make it good, 
and for fucksake
don't live for your echo